Teak and wicker combine to create the Avia Lounge by S2dio Fine Furniture

At Lume Outdoor Living, in Macgregor on Brisbane's southside, we are proud to be a stockist of the amazing brand S2dio Fine Furniture.

S2dio Fine Furniture, a family business like ourselves,  have been creating durable designer garden furniture since 2002.  They have grown into an internationally recognised furniture manufacturer with offices in Australia, Indonesia and Europe.  Their attention to detail, their research into the highest quality materials and the on-trend designs that they produce year after year is what sets them at the top!

S2dio's Avia Wicker & Teak lounge. (sold out)

The Avia lounge is one of S2dio's designer pieces.  The Avia has been beautifully handcrafted, using the finest materials to produce the stunning combination of synthetic wicker and recycled teak.  

What is the wicker made of?

S2dio's synthetic rattan, or wicker as we know it, is made using virgin material and the very best UV stabilising compounds for its long life and colour fastness.  HDPE wicker or High Density Polyethylene, is the best quality material for synthetic wicker.
When looking for outdoor furniture...
"when you see this material being used it is a sign that these are better quality resin wicker products. Also if HDPE is being used it is a reasonable assumption that the other materials and fabrics being used are also good quality."  Wicker Warehouse - resinwickerpatiofurniture

How is the wicker woven?

Indonesia & the Philippines lead the market in being able to weave to the highest quality and tension.  Handwoven by skilled wicker weavers in Indonesia in S2dio's own manufacturing facility to ensure the quality and care for the workers remains at the highest levels. 

Avia Wicker

Where does the teak come from?

The Avia lounge has been made using recycled teak.  S2dio have acquired old infrastructure and buildings, they utilise the original teak found within. S2dio says "We then salvage the material and pass the material through a series of processes to make it suitable for outdoor use at the same time reducing the depletion rate of valuable forest resources while investing the reclaimed teak with renewed life.


How do I maintain the wicker and teak?

Using a soft cloth or brush to dust the wicker and giving it a wash down with soapy water for stubborn dirt is all that is required.
The teak, when exposed to sun and rain, will soften to a silver-grey patina that many people opt for as they prefer this symbol of originality.  Or if you would like to preserve the beautiful honey toned teak colour, we stock and recommend the range of Golden Care's products.
S2dio says: "Golden Care® Company's key objective is to keep outdoor furniture looking new and to give it long term protection against the effects of the weathering process. And at the same time, cause minimal impact to the environment and human safety and comfort."
Ask one of our team members which products we would recommend, and watch out for a future blog post on How to use the Golden Care products

Golden Care
Have a measure of your space, map out the layout and pop in to the store.  Come & try the Avia Lounge for yourself. (the Avia is now sold out but we have a whole range of wicker and teak collections)

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 Nicole Arrowsmith