The Top 5 Beach Products For Families

I remember back when I was growing up, and my family and I would go to the beach every year. 

I would look forward to those few weeks over the Christmas Holidays all year.  I remember making some really good friends, and being excited to catch up again 12 months later. 

The units we stayed at were across the road from one of the beaches on the Gold Coast.  Every day, at least once, we would all make the trek across the scorching hot road, onto the sand and down to the beach.  Our parents and siblings all following us.

Growing up, we only ever had Shelta Australia beach umbrellas and beach tents. 

My granddad Gordon, was the Queensland Manager for Shelta Australia for 25 years, and my mum Leone, worked in the Queensland sales office and distribution warehouse for 11 years.  When Leone left Shelta, her sister Robyn took over as QLD sales manager for 12 years.

My pop has long since retired now, and Leone left Shelta and bought the Macgregor franchise of The Outdoor Furniture Specialists back in 2000.  After the closure of head office in 2018, Leone re-branded the store to Lume Outdoor Living.  Shelta Australia is still one of our main suppliers of market umbrellas and garden furniture in our family business.

So, it is only natural that all of our beach umbrellas and tents had the Shelta badge on them.

Shelta Australia have been making beach umbrellas and beach tents since the mid 1930's.  


The best beach products for families

Beach umbrellas and tents are essential for going to the beach with kids.  The sand heats up very quickly, and kids need some respite after being in the water. 

There are lots of important things to remember to take to the beach when you have kids, so I have made a beach trip checklist for you.  Download your free checklist below.

In order of popularity, according to our sales tally over the last 2 seasons, this is our top 5 beach products by Shelta.

1.  Cottesloe & Pacific UPF50+ umbrellas

Our biggest sellers of all time are the Cottesloe & Pacific Beach Umbrellas.  

  • they have a lightweight aluminium pole so they will last a long time
  • they are 2m in diameter which is a good size for 2 adults and 2 kids
  • they are able to height adjust which is great for lowering the canopy down when the wind picks up 
  • they can be tilted to follow the sun

2.  Super UV Protector UPF 50+ 

The family sized UV Protector  provides 98% UV protection for the whole family!

  • a huge 280x170cm size 
  • 2 rear mesh windows to provide airflow but privacy when the kids are getting changed
  • easy assembling - unpack & pull 2 cords that will pop the tent open
  • easy to close - push on the 2 tabs and the tent drops down ready for packing
  • sand pockets and tent pegs to secure the tent to the sand
  • complete with a carry bag - take it camping or on a picnic

3.  Manly UPF50+ Umbrella

The Manly Umbrella is a great size for a family.

  • a big 220cm size with 16 fibreglass ribs and aluminium frame
  • a large wind vent to let the breeze through to provide stability in the wind
  • this umbrella has a push button tilt making it super easy to follow the sun
  • they have a fluted spike & twist handle for ease of burying in the sand, and a carry bag

4.  Pop Up UPF50+ Beach Shelta

The original pop-up beach shelter is everything it used to be!

  • opens in less than 10 seconds
  • comes with a carry bag
  • 196cm square without a floor, so the kids can be shaded and still play
  • rear zipper window to allow airflow but also protection 
  • great idea when you have a baby at the beach or park

5.  Le Sands Beach Chairs

Who doesn't love a stripey beach-chair at the beach!

  • lightweight aluminium and compact when folded
  • 2 stripe patterns
  • comfortable to sit on and not too low, great for parents and grandparents
  • it has a carry strap for easy carrying

I hope this has given you a good idea of the beach products available by Shelta Australia.  I love them all!  But the ones I will be taking to the beach with my 2 boys (under 3 years old - eeeek what am I thinking!), will be the pop up Beach Shelta and the Cottesloe umbrella! 

Wish me luck, as we head on our first holiday as a family of 3.  Thankfully the grandparents will be tagging along too.

Have fun & remember to slip on a rashie, slop on sunscreen & slap on a hat 

Nicole Arrowsmith

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