The top 5 tips for choosing outdoor furniture to suit your patio.

Have you just moved house or recently renovated? 

Or maybe you are just wanting to upgrade your existing furniture?

If you aren’t too sure where to start, we can help you narrow down your options.

At Lume Outdoor Living, we carry an extensive range of premium furniture.

We have:
  • outdoor lounges
  • dining tables and chairs
  • sunloungers
  • daybeds
  • casual furniture like hanging egg chairs and large comfy chairs
  • umbrellas – side, centre, rain & beach
  • homewares and accessories.

 Our ranges

We have specialist knowledge in our field and are happy to help!
Here are few things to think about when choosing the style of furniture for you and your family


The size and layout of your patio or verandah

 Take some measurements and draw it out, add on your fixtures like doors, windows, posts, and see what usable space you have left.

  • Even small areas can have comfortable, practical and stylish furniture, you just need to be a bit more strategic in your planning.

What is the main use of the patio or verandah?

  • Do you have kids running around and want the footprint of the furniture to remain small when not in use?

A great way to achieve this, is by using benches around your table.  They will  push underneath when not in use. The Sense Bench Setting is a modern look, using both aluminium and teak to create this gorgeous suite.

  • Do you plan on entertaining large groups of friends and family and need as much seating as you can?

An extension table is a flexible way to go, so that you don’t have to have a big table all the time.  These tables are extendable and provide a great setting for up to 12 people. Our Monaco Extension Table is paired with the Luis Slat Chairs here, but there are so many options in chairs to choose from, as we mix and match.

  • Is your priority casual weekend BBQS with a smaller group of close friends, where your focus is on comfort and relaxation?

A comfy lounge will encourage relaxation and provide somewhere for your guests to chill out.  Check out our Lounge Collection here.

  • Or are formal dinner parties more your style?

A dining table and chairs, is always a popular item, when people want to have dinner parties.  Being able to see everyone, encourages conversation between your friends.  Check out our Dining Collection here.

 our ranges2

When choosing your outdoor furniture, what materials are you drawn to?

  • Are you looking for something traditional and hard wearing like Kwila or teak timber?

Teak is a gorgeous honey brown colour, and there are simple maintenance solutions for keeping it this colour.  We mix and match most of our pieces so you can create your ideal setting - here is the Teak Collection.

  • Or is low maintenance and easy to clean, like wicker or aluminium, up your alley?
  • Is your desire to have something sleek and on-trend?

Combining materials such as wicker, teak, aluminium or stone, are really on-trend at the moment.  Check out our Mixed Materials Collection here.          

Is the colour important to you?

  • Do you want to match existing furniture, flooring, fences, window trims, or house colours?
  • Many of our sets come in more than one colour combination, bring samples of your colours into store and we can help you locate something complimentary for your outdoor space.
  • At Lume Outdoor Living, we love our range of classic and natural colours. These colours will not date and are versatile and flexible.
  • Don’t feel limited by this though, add in your pops of colour or complimentary colour scheme by using throws, floor rugs, scatter cushions and décor.

Whether your space is limited or not - be guided by your entertaining preferences and choose furniture that you love!

We hope this has helped in some way and we look forward to hearing what you choose.

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.  

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