How to style an oval dining table

Oval dining tables can sometimes create confusion on how best to style it for general living and also for entertaining.  Let us help you out with some ideas.

We don't currently have any oval tables in store, so we are using a rectangle table as the rules are basically the same.

An oval runner is one of the best ways to add character to your oval table.  It suits the rounded ends of the table and has a gentle flow about it.  An alternative to an oval runner is a couple of round placemats down the center of the table.

 oval runner on rectangle table lume outdoor living


The next step is to find and display a large item right in the center of the runner.  For everyday use, I recommend plants or flowers, or a large lantern or vase.  

Then taper the heights of the next items to be lower than the middle item. This enhances the gentle flow of the oval shapes.  For everyday use, I would add decor like the vase, or store your placemats or coasters on the runner for quick use when having a quick coffee with friends.

 oval runner and scatter cushions lume outdoor living


Adding scatter cushions is a really simple way of bringing the style together and also incorporating your personality.

Depending on what view you have of the setting from inside the house, or other areas of the patio, would determine where you could place the cushions.  You want to be able to see them from the main view point.  Imagine your kitchen window looked out over the left side of this setting above, we have put the cushions on the chairs that face the window.  

Another way is to alternate the cushions around the table.  One on, one off and so on.

 round placemats on round table lume outdoor living

Adding placemats for meals is an important step.  Tablecloths should not be used or used with care.  Tablecloths get in the way under the table and can sometimes accidentally be pulled off the table by legs or hands.  A tablecloth could be used if you can find a size very close to the size of the table so that you don't have a lot of overhang.

Round placemats are the way to go, as you can see displayed on our large round table in store.  They suit large dinner plates, and suit the curves of an oval table nicely.  

Here are some of our round placemats we have in store at the moment.

 round placemats at lume outdoor living


I hope this was helpful and you can see a way forward with your oval table now.

Just remember, it's your table and your home, choose things that YOU like!


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