Corner Lounges

An outdoor lounge...

is an essential piece of furniture you need for your outdoor living room.

It is often one of the most used items of furniture in your outdoors and it's the perfect place for nearly every activity, from reading, napping, having a chat with friends, watching the kids play or watching your outdoor tv.

Our impressive corner lounges come in a variety of materials including aluminium, Sunbrella, teak, kwila, wicker, rope & a mixture of these.

You'll also find different sizes, colours, and styles - you'll be sure to find something that suits your home and budget.

Why choose a Corner Lounge?

Corner lounges can help with adding definition to spaces without intruding or breaking up an open-plan atmosphere. 

They are also helpful in creating zones, think of a corner lounge as a room divider. It is not always necessary to push a corner lounge up against a wall.

Some smaller spaces will work better with a corner lounge, up against the wall or edge of the patio, to increase the usable floor space in the area. 

Corner lounges will generally take up less room than sectional sofas (think 3 seater and armchairs) but they are less flexible - so it is important to measure your area properly and allow for any doors to open, and walkways.