Why you need an outdoor rug

Now that weather-resistant rugs are available in so many beautiful colours and patterns, it's easier than ever to add extra flair and functionality to patios and decks.

These should be treated as extensions of your indoors. A rug can help make the connection, tying together elements of indoor and outdoor decor such as furniture and house colours.

Rugs will also help to define individual usage zones such as the dining area, lounging area or kids' play area, as well adding visual colour and texture to the whole space.

douglas lounge with rug

A major practical benefit can be felt right now. A rug underfoot will make the area feel warmer, which means you can comfortably sit outdoors for longer in winter without feeling the chill rising up from your flooring.

When buying, it's really important to find rugs that are made specifically for the conditions we experience in Australia: heat, rain, sun and constant traffic.

They can be made of various materials, such as recycled plastic, polypropylene, wool or nylon. Outdoor rugs should not have a non-slip backing. The sun will deteriorate non-slip backing, making it stick to your floor.

Outdoor rugs are really easy to clean and keep looking great. Recycled plastic rugs let dirt, sand and water through. With one of those, the quickest way is to sweep or vacuum the rug first, then pick it up and clean the floor underneath.

lombok lounge with rug

Many of the other materials will keep dirt and sand above the rug, which can be easily vacuumed up.

You can also hang outdoor rugs on a railing or fence and hose them down, then allow to drip dry.

Can these rugs be used indoors as well? YES!!

They can feel a bit different to a traditional interior rug, but I only use outdoor rugs in my house because I have young children and pets. Being able to take the rugs outside and hose them down is a big selling point!

They really are just as suited to your indoors too.  Think lounge rooms, dining rooms, kids play areas, recreation rooms!! 

chloe lounge with rug

How does a rug benefit an outdoor living area?

Besides keeping your feet warm, other benefits of a rug in your outdoor living room are:

  • a rug will add texture and colour to your furniture
  • a rug helps to tie elements of decor, furniture + house colours together
  • a rug will help to distinguish your living zones; ie: a rug under the kids area, a rug under your lounge, maybe even a rug under your dining table

celia with rug

Our most common rug is 160 x 230cm, but our rugs start as small as 60x110cm and as large as 270x360cm.

In the showroom, we have a rug rack to display most of our designs, but also have many out on display for you to see.

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