John & Judy

Judy & John recently purchased some new outdoor furniture from us, for their new home. Through the later months of 2020, many stores in Queensland were finding it difficult to order and receive their stock.  We are fortunate, that our stock arrived and we were able to help Judy & John (among others) with somewhere to sit!


"We are over the moon with our new outdoor furniture. It’s so nice to sit at a proper table after 6.5 weeks of sitting on low camping chairs & eating at a tiny camping table." - John & Judy

baroque lounge

John & Judy placed the Baroque Lounge Chairs & Side Table along this wall/door and it fits perfectly.  

Baroque Dining Setting with 6 Chairs

By placing the Baroque Dining Table in between the patio posts, and putting 2 chairs along each side of the table, and one on each end, they have made their patio look spacious, airy and bright, while still having room for up to 8 people.


Judy & John have done an incredible job with their new patio, despite only having a narrow outdoor area. The lounge fits perfectly along the end wall and the dining fits amazingly well between the posts. They have kept the walkway clean and roomy, and the interior blends well with their outdoor area.  


The Hamptons style of the dining setting brings an extra visual element into their patio, and the white and grey on the furniture suits the tiles and wall colour superbly! 


A huge thank you to Judy & John for sending us their gorgeous photos, and we are so happy that they have somewhere to sit until the rest of their furniture arrives (hopefully in a few weeks).


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