Why you should cover your umbrella when it is down

Can you guess what these 4 things have in common?  Read below to find out!

All these things: bats, sun, hail and wind, are all things that can damage your backyard umbrella.

One of the most important things that we tell our customers when they purchase an umbrella, is to make sure they put a protective cover over the umbrella when the umbrella is down.

This is important because if you put your umbrella down without the protective cover on, these things could happen which can cause damage:

bats can make their roosts inside of your canopy.  There are many people that have told us their stories of putting their umbrellas up and having baby bats fall out onto them - eeek



    the sun's rays are harsh and umbrellas aren't cheap so protecting your investment from the sun is important.  


      after each big hail storm, we have 2 groups of customers contact us. 

      The first group who didn't have their protective cover on the umbrella, who now needed to replace their whole canopy - which costs about half of a new umbrella. 
      The second group who had put their protective cover on their umbrella, who now need to replace only the protective cover - which costs less than a quarter of a new umbrella


        wind - here is a bit of science for you - when your umbrella is down without a cover on, the folds of fabric act as a sail and the wind gets caught in the folds and puts a lot of force on the umbrella.  BUT when you have a protective cover on over your umbrella, it is one smooth piece of fabric that allows the wind to pass past it, resulting it no damage to your umbrella.



          Determining what size cover you need: 

          For a cantilever umbrella

          Small - to fit octagonal up to 3.3m

          Large - to fit octagonal up to 4m, square up to 3.3m

          Extra Large - to fit rectangle 4x3m, square 3.5m


          For a centre post umbrella

          Small - to fit 250-300cm umbrella

          Medium - to fit 310-350cm umbrella

          Large - to fit 360-400cm umbrella

          Extra Large - to fit 400-420cm umbrella


          Still not sure?  Give us a call, email us or come on in to the showroom!