4 tips to kick starting your creativity


Some weeks my desk is full of papers, post-its and scraps of paper filled with design ideas.

My organisation system sometimes fails me. I move quickly from one project to the next, seemingly getting ahead, but realistically, the backlog of bits and pieces is overwhelming.

declutter your office space

Clutter is...

Clutter is a form of self-sabotage, a procrastination technique. It keeps me (and you) from creating great stuff that matters. We need to clear our life of distractions to make room to be able to create.

Clutter and creativity have a relationship that is contrary to one another. They do not help each other in the slightest. The more clutter you have, the less creativity you have.

clutter kills creativity

Get ready for this...

Clutter = Stress

Think about that for a minute....

Where in your life do you feel this is true?

Your office or workspace?

With your children and their toys?

In your garage,  that stores everything but a car?

You may find a few areas in your life that you can reclaim.

kick start your creativity

Where is...

Where is your creative space? Is it at your desk? In an art studio? In the kitchen? For me, it is my home office.

My home office is:

  •  where I am most productive
    (where I work and do other daily tasks)
  •  my sanctuary 
    (the kids are not allowed to touch Mummy's desk)
  •  aesthetically pleasing
    (the new painted wall goes perfectly with the light grey concrete look desk)


Get your creativity flowing...

Here are 4 SIMPLE STEPS to begin the decluttering journey in your office and regain that creative spark!!!

1. Your email inbox - unsubscribe, delete and clear out as much as you can.

2. Organise your desk - clear off anything from your desk that you haven't used in months. Buy some desk organisers to suit your space and tidy everything!

3. Hang photos or artwork - having a focal point that makes you happy to look at, is a really great form of stress relief when things become overwhelming.

4. Remove distractions - focus on one project at a time. Limit or remove distractions like email, phone, tv, social media. You know what you need.

home office

Let me know in the comments if you try any of these tips to kick start your creativity!


Thanks for reading, 

Nicole Arrowsmith 

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