Why Styling to Sell is so Important

Ever wondered how to style your outdoor living room when putting your house on the market?

styling and selling

Why does it matter?  Well...

People often don't realise that the outdoor living area says a lot about the house and the way the house is used by the family that live there.

Luckily for you, there's a simple solution!

My tips are: 

    1. Add foliage and flowers.
A must when staging the outdoor area is potted plants.  Artificial flowers and plants are always my first choice.  They require no up-keep and look fantastic for years!  Of course, your house won't be on the market for that long, but it's nice to have one less task off your plate when you are a busy modern family.
Flowers & greenery always make people smile.  It can turn an ordinary area into a homely, lived in and loved room.
If you do wish to use real plants, use plants that require minimal up-keep.

 styling with plants

2.  Furnish the area. 

All outdoor areas will excite a potential buyer.  Especially in Queensland, people enjoy being outdoors with the fresh air and houses with outdoor space are on the top of the list for most people.
Furniture you choose will depend on the size of your area.  If you have a small courtyard, use a small 2-4 seater dining setting. 
For larger spaces, consider an outdoor lounge for the space.  Lounges are multi-purpose - a space to relax and space for casual entertaining. 
If you have a larger area, and if the budget allows it, consider an outdoor lounge and dining setting.  You won't regret this decision!  

 shelta cayman outdoor corner lounge

 3.  Add neutral décor.
Décor is a hugely personal touch to any room.  Unless you are styling to SELL.  When styling to sell, ensure that you keep it simple and neutral. 
Our local property stylists recommend this tip as it will attract the most people, without the room looking bare. 
Keep your unique feature walls, wall art and decor for your next home.  
Add in an attractive piece of wall art to attract the eye across the room from the entrance.
Add scatter cushions to compliment the colours of the wall art and the room.
Add a few simple pieces of décor, such as potted plants, lanterns or ornaments, in varying heights to the table / coffee table.
staging decor

Want to know the best part?

Do this right, and you will have prospective buyers imagining themselves living their lives in their new outdoor living room, and making an offer!

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