The practicality of casual dining settings

If you have a small outdoor area, you may have been wondering how to entertain on a small balcony without compromising on comfort...

Multi purpose furniture

Don't feel restricted by your small outdoor living space.  Even small areas can be fitted out with comfort and entertaining in mind, it might just take a bit more planning to achieve it.  

Casual dining furniture started to gain popularity in 2015, and there have been many additions over the years.  A casual dining setting includes a lounge AND a table to dine at.  For many people, they can't fit both a lounge and a table and chairs, and they must choose what they need. 

A casual dining set means that you don't need to compromise on dining or lounging!!  Get the best of both worlds.

casual dining furniture

    Take a seat 

    Seating options for casual dining settings are usually either a corner lounge, or sectional sofas, ie. 3 seater, arm chairs, and stools.  

    You may be asking, what will work best for my family? And to find the answer you will need to ask yourself the following questions:

    • what layout does your outdoor space have?
    • are there any BBQ's, fridges or other items in the area?
    • how many people will you be seating?
    • where are the walkways and thoroughfares?
    • what are the dimensions of your outdoor living room?
    • do you need flexible furniture, ie. 3 seater and armchairs is more flexible than a corner lounge

    Looking for even more seating?  Buy a matching chair to put on the other end of the table, or some stools.

    relax in style

    Put your feet up

    One great thing about casual dining furniture is the comfort. The chairs are super convenient and relaxing, being that they are designed to be as comfortable as a lounge, but a slightly higher seat to access the table for dining.

    Designer Styling

    Just like any other piece of furniture, casual dining settings are no different!  Available in many different materials and styles to suit almost any property, you won't have to settle for just anything!

    Hamptons styling: head towards white aluminium or teak wood frames.

    Traditional styling: choose from a range of wicker colours.

    Modern styling: mix a teak & white aluminium lounge with a white low dining table.

    Queenslander homes: test out some grey aluminium or teak frames.

    Create your personal oasis right in your own backyard, on your deck, or on your balcony - whatever outdoor space that you have!

    oasis in your backyard


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