What chair is the most comfortable?

Did you know that you can mix and match our tables and chairs?

This means that you can buy the table of your dreams AND the chairs that you find the most comfortable.

A common question we are asked in store is "Which chair is the most comfortable?"

While our team can direct you to the ones we find comfortable, and the ones most of our customers really like, this is just a starting point. 

We always recommend to sit in a chair for 3-5 minutes to really 'feel' the chair. It can take that time for your body to relax, especially when you are trying multiple chairs in a row. 

Sitting in chairs and finding the one you like best should not be a fast-paced game of musical chairs.  Think about it as if you were at home in your relaxed  environment. Your body needs to feel at ease before it can relax and tell whether or not a chair is comfortable.

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