What's trending in outdoor furniture this Summer

Summer is fast approaching and now is the best time of the year to dust off any cobwebs and refresh your outdoor living rooms.

This article is to show you what's trending this Summer season and to give you some ideas on what furniture pieces might work in your outdoor room.

If your home already has the outdoor furniture sorted for this year, you might be interested in our 5 top tips to improve your outdoor living room on a budget article (click here to read).

Let me start ...

This year we are seeing the return of an old favourite of mine, the bold black frames! Don't get me wrong, I love the more subtle, charcoal grey frames from the last couple of seasons, but I really love the impact & statement that black furniture adds to a room.  As this trend is still in its early stages, you won't see a whole showroom of black, but I'm sure there will be enough for those of you who are excited for it.  

Our popular Baroque dining setting in white has continued to be popular over the past season, but this Summer we are excited to announce that Shelta have brought in the Bridgeport dining in black!! What do you think?  

bridgeport baroque dining in black

Our sought-after Venus lounge is going to be appearing in the midnight black aluminum frame and it looks stunning next to the teak on the armrests.  Another feature that is setting this new variation of the Venus apart from its other colour-ways, is the fawn coloured olefin cushions. The fawn cushions make a refreshing contrast to the bold black.

 venus lounge black frame

A feature that has gained momentum over the past couple of years and is still going strong, is furniture that is flexible. Dining tables that grow with your family, coffee tables that can extend to dining height, lounges that can be configured in different ways depending on how you want to use it at any given day.

A super anticipated product, new to this season is our Torquay coffee-to-dining table. For those that have been following us on social media for a while, you might have heard that the Memphis ceramic range is one of our biggest selling products.  The Torquay is like the Memphis' younger brother. Durable ceramic tiles that sit atop a powder-coated aluminium frame.  The unique legs on the Torquay table plus the amazing transformation will make this table a talking point for all your backyard gatherings. Pair it with a lounge, dining chairs or both!

lorne lounge with torquay table unextended

lorne corner lounge with torquay table

Amaze your guests while you take your generously sized coffee table (L142 D90 H49), and pop it out into an even more abundant coffee table (L184 D90 H49), or pop it up into a dining table for dinner (L184 D90 H73).

lorne corner lounge with torquay table popped up into a 184cm dining table

For those homes without any permanent shade structures, our next product might just be the answer to your dreams. Our Kayden pergola is not just any pergola. It is a fantastic innovation for Australian backyards and it is available in 2 great sizes: 3x3m square and 4x3m rectangle. There is a heap of information on the product listing which you can read here.

Some amazing features to note are the aluminium frame, 90° adjustable roof louvres and internal gutters and drainage for a totally weatherproof product. Available to buy are LED strip lighting for the roof frame, and blinds (purchase 1, 2, 3 or 4 - up to you) for privacy.  As well as the size options, you can also choose whether to buy the charcoal or the white frame.  

kayden pergola charcoal no blinds

'Cane', 'rattan' and 'wicker' furniture has been around for many, many years. The real, natural materials became fashionable towards the end of the 17th century.

But for outside furniture, people really wanted materials that require little to no maintenance and that can handle the weather, so resin wicker was born.

Our resin wicker is made of strips of resin (high quality plastic), that has been coloured and textured. Our wicker strands are resin all the way through (rather than the wicker that is made from cotton strands covered in resin) which means that they are strong, resistant to the weather and can be made with many textures, making them look and feel less like plastic.

The factory workers then weave these strips onto the aluminium frames to create a piece of furniture.

But every few seasons, the styles change and we get a whole new 'look' that everyone falls in love with. This year is no different, and we have loved the feedback from our community so far.

glenview wicker dining chair

This season we have round, cord-like wicker with an open, detailed weave pattern like on the Glenview lounge and Glenview dining chairs.  It's quite a traditional style that looks amazing on the patio's of Queenslanders, but also fits in really well with many other homes.   

glenview wicker lounge white at shop

At the other end of the weave spectrum, we have the wide flat wicker, but woven in a different style to other flat wickers on the market. The spacing of the wicker weave combines the 2 widths of the wicker and shows off the more modern style! It feels less bulky and more airy. The Atlanta outdoor dining chair comes in 2 colours and there is a matching lounge to go with these dining chairs.

atlanta and river dining setting

With all of these new trending products, which will you choose for your home?

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Until next time :)