5 top tips to improve your outdoor room on a budget.

Find out what the best stylists recommend below.

Does your outdoor area need a bit of a lift, after the constant use it has endured over the Summer? Below are the top 5 tips that property stylists recommend to give your home that extra special touch.

1.  Add a rug.

Adding a rug is one of the easiest ways to improve your outdoor room. Not only does it add texture and warmth, but it adds an extra layer to distinguish your zones. It is best to use an outdoor rug if it will be exposed to the elements. Most outdoor rugs have no jute - which means that they do not grow mould or mildew. They are also quick to dry - so cleaning is a breeze. There are many outdoor rugs to choose from, and most are soft on your feet. Check out our range of Shelta Australia rugs, and Fab Habitat rugs in store this weekend!

 villa styling rug  Image:  Villa Styling

2.  Add scatter cushions.

    Judging by the large quantity of outdoor scatter cushions we sell in store, most people already know this tip. By placing scatter cushions on your furniture, you change the aesthetics of your room instantly. Whether you are going for a warm Autumn feel, or a beach house feel, scatter cushions are your pathway to executing such a look! Combine prints and solids to create layers, and space them apart evenly between furniture so that your eye can follow the cushions around the room.

    unsplash scatter cushions

    3.  Add greenery.

      Artificial or real – whatever you can handle – plants are such an easy way to add warmth to your outdoor area this Autumn.  You can do this by adding a taller tree into a corner to create depth, adding a table top pot to the centre of your table or adding large potted plants to the sides of your lounges.  Try adding different colours just like you would with the scatters cushions.  We stock a big range of artificial plants in store, from small to tall.

      you.me.and.the.sea_ plant image Image: you.me.and.the.sea_

      4.  Fix up your lighting.

        Are any of your bulbs blown?  Replace them!  Clean the dust off any fittings to reduce mould and mildew growing during the colder months.  If the budget allows, change some of your lights to track lighting that can be redirected to focus on different areas of your space this Autumn.

        beacon lighting  Image:  Beacon Lighting

        5.  Change the layout.

          Changing the placement of your furniture is a great and free way to improve your outdoor room.  Ensure you have some zones for the different members of your family to relax or play and make sure that the room still flows with access from the house to the rest of the backyard.  Any layout you do that doesn’t work can just be reconfigured if you aren’t happy.

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