Our guide to mix and match – the dining edition

 Did you know that we offer the flexibility of ‘mix & match’ when you are purchasing an outdoor table and chairs?

This means that you can choose any style of chair and put it with any table to make your own combination full of personality, style and individuality.

Get your creative juices flowing and design a resort-style setting for your alfresco space!  There’s no need to have the same outdoor dining setting as everyone else, you control the look that you desire!

 mix n match

Mix & Match

Let’s be honest… you are unique and your furniture should be too.

  • You have your own personality, preferences and style.
  • Your home is different to your friends and your neighbours.
  • Your furniture should reflect your lifestyle, your values, and your entertaining style.

Mix & Match gives you control over the way your home looks and feels.

By giving you the control and choice, you get to design your ideal suite. 

Comfort should be one of your top priorities, followed by style and design.


The steps to creating your dream outdoor entertaining area:

  1. Choose a chair style
  2. Choose a complimentary table
  3. Decide on delivery or pick up
  4. Enjoy your new dining setting for years to come

Sounds pretty easy, am I right?

Though with a lot of choice, you might be feeling overwhelmed… that’s where this guide comes in handy…

Here are our 4 top tips for creating the perfect dining setting at your place:

 Choose pieces with common features

Furniture that is placed in the same room, work well together when there is a common feature that unites all the pieces. For example, dining furniture and a lounge or a dining set and a sideboard. This is also true when choosing chairs and a table. 

We suggest first choosing a chair that is comfortable for you and in a style that you love, and then choosing one feature from that chair to include in the table. 

Let’s take a look at some examples.

     1.The Bondi Dining Setting: (now sold out)

  • the common feature in the Bondi is the grey frame
  • incorporating other features ie teak accents and ceramic tile help to give the Bondi something special

bondi dining 

  1. The Belmont & Winton Wicker Setting: (now sold out - our new Montego and Flinders setting is similar, click the picture to head right there)
  • the teak has been carried through from the chair frames to the table
  • the white wicker gives this set a modern twist

winton wicker belmont

  1. Clay Bar Setting: (now sold out)
  • the Clay uses both the aluminium frame and the teak tops to follow through on the table and stools
  • the stools and the table have a very similar style

clay bar

As you can see, using a common feature is quite a popular style in our showroom.


Choose pieces with contrasting styles

A popular style now is pairing chairs with a table that has no common features.  Some people love this look and some people don’t - it is not for everyone and that is ok!

Tables that are sturdy and warm in colour can pair well with light coloured wicker or resin chairs.

An example of this is our Belmont & Owen Wicker Setting:

  • the robust teak table grounds the beachy light coloured wicker chairs

beach house belmont and owen

Choose pieces with unexpected pairings

'Mixed materials' is a shift in the aesthetics and intent of mainstream design. This is not a ‘trend’ or a ‘one season wonder’.  Instead, this idea that has spread into interiors, kitchens, bathrooms and more, has been gaining strength and momentum for a few years now.

Gone are the days of ‘one look’, here are the years of interest, depth, textures all combined in one furniture piece.

Our most popular statement piece from the mixed materials collection is the Beauville Table.  

beauville table

Displaying a gorgeous tri-leg design in fresh matt white, and an inviting wide-board teak table top.

Pair the Beauville with Cortez chairs for a modern, fresh look.

boutique dining

For a minimalist concept, a slimline white resin chair would be your best option.

resin chairs white

Have a look at some teak chairs if you have an industrial theme.

options teak


Choose pieces with consistent colours & materials

If you like a traditional look, you can still mix and match your pieces to create your own look.  Keep the colours and textures consistent between the table and chairs.  Look for sets that are all the same colour, or texture. 

Aluminium settings such as the Waltz & Danza setting are a good place to start.  If you prefer a grey or a white frame, don’t panic as this set comes in both.  (now sold out)

waltz danza

Let me show you how mix and match works here:

  1. Choose a chair style
  2. Now let’s choose the Loft table
  3. How many people do you want to seat? 4? 6? 8? 12?
    We have a size to suit! From 1.5x.75m up to an extension table that seats 8-12!

dining options


I hope that this guide has given you some ideas, and inspiration for your own home.  We look forward to seeing you in store, or chatting to you over the phone or email!

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