How to design your dream outdoor living room

When it comes to adding personality to a home, the outdoor areas are the most neglected...

Decking out the interior of a home has always been the focus for most people, builders & renovators; while the outdoor living areas are often under-appreciated in terms of their versatility.

If you are feeling lost for outdoor room ideas and inspiration, we’re here to help you design a beautiful space that reaches its full potential! 

We are lucky in Queensland, in that we have weather suited to outdoor entertaining all year around. 

Whether you are reading this as a homeowner wanting to make something amazing for your family, or as a renovator about to start an investment project, you will soon see that a well designed outdoor space is a great investment for your family and future value of your home.

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Embrace the outdoors; don’t neglect it.

Imagine what life would be like if you had your dream outdoor area.  An external living room that extends off your home with the coziness and convenience of your interior spaces.  A room that flows, both aesthetically and physically, from the rooms that join your outdoors.

----- Imagine curling up on a comfy couch to read your latest must-read novel, with a warm drink and biscuit on the coffee table.  The lighting is just right for you to read, there is a nice breeze flowing through from the backyard and you feel right at home. 

read book on couch

----- Imagine the dinners you will host with your family and friends, dining at your beautiful table and chairs that are decorated with stylish lanterns placed symmetrically along the table.  A simple white dinner set is placed on each patterned placemat that perfectly coordinates with the table runner and scatter cushions.

family dinners

Being outdoors has so many health benefits, embrace the outdoor lifestyle with your family and notice the changes.

The main benefit to an amazing external living space

One of the main benefits of an outdoor room is that it can be utilised all year round. And, depending on the way you configure your outdoor space, it can double as a living room, dining room and secondary kitchen. 

  • A covered outdoor room will extend your living area, help you entertain more with ease, and be lower maintenance. 
  • The aesthetics of your outdoor room will have an impact on your lifestyle –  why not make it a great one! 
  • Ensuring that the room is zoned well for different areas of interaction, and decorated with your own taste, you will find that your home is even more homely! 
  • It won’t just be ‘that paved area out back where the kids play’… it will be your haven!!  And you deserve it!

 Ambrose Homes

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How to integrate your indoors and outdoors

When your outdoors and indoors visually come together, your house feels larger, the space flows, the patio becomes a real part of your living space.

Important design considerations to help achieve a seamless indoor/outdoor transition include:

  • Match the flooring in materials, style and colour for a seamless effect.
  • Use colours or textures from indoors and bring them out into the patio. Think kitchen benchtops or splashback tiles, couch colours or rug colours.
  • If building, think wide opening, bi-fold doors that allow the rooms to join without the need for walls.
  • Also if building, raise your patio floor to the same height as your indoors so they form one space and visually flow.

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Outdoor cooking beyond a backyard BBQ

There was always the BBQ King or Queen at our family gatherings.  

We looked up to the holder of the tongs!

We watched how they tended to the meat and veges on that barbecue, as if their life depended on it - and now that we are adults with our own homes and families, it is our responsibility!

Though these days, home-owners are hungry for a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen with all the works – storage, counter space, a fridge, a sink, all the trimmings of the indoor one – only better!

They add convenience and luxury to any outdoor entertaining space!  The reduced needs for the trips back and forth to the kitchen gives you more time to spend drinking that drink, laughing at your friend’s jokes and having a great time!

 ambrose homes

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Adding decorative finish to the structure

When building or renovating it is super important to budget in your outdoor room at the beginning!  It is much cheaper to design your outdoor room at the start, than to add to it after you have moved in. 

You may wish to change the flooring, the roofline, or the paint, and this is costly.  Design it right from the start and you will enjoy that seamless integration we mentioned earlier.

If your outdoor room is getting a makeover, then you still need to think about additional things such as decorative panelling, decking, ceiling fans, screens, and lighting to tie it all together.

There are hundreds of options to choose from, with so many advances in technology and construction, that your dream entertaining area will be a reality in no time at all!

 Ambrose Homes

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Furnishings and why quality matters

An important part of having an enjoyable outdoor dinner is having somewhere to dine!  

Having somewhere to dine is one thing, but how good would it feel to serve up the family dinner on a quality table and chairs that perfectly reflects your personality, your home’s style and your entertaining style?

Don’t settle for furniture just because it is on sale…

Shop around until you find the set that makes your heart do flip flops.  The set that jumps out at you once you pair those stunning chairs with that gorgeous table.  Create your own look that showcases your outdoor living room in all its glory.  One that you will admire for years to come. 

Furniture should be an investment, you may be tempted to buy cheaper furniture but you get what you pay for, and replacing items every few years really doesn’t save you any money long term… 

Besides, quality is visible, and while this may be acceptable while you are studying and living in a share house, it isn’t ideal moving into adulthood with a growing family.  Quality also means comfort… not just comfy at the beginning, but comfy for years and years to come.

Higher-quality furniture has a much more pleasing visual presentation that will match your carefully chosen decor. You and your family can enjoy it every day, and you’ll feel proud of your home when you have visitors over. 

Ali's outdoor room

Image courtesy of Ali - one of our lovely customers


If you need any help with any of these steps, give us a call or an email.  We are here to help you turn your outdoor area into a haven for your family.


Lee & Melissa from Ambrose Homes have a wonderful family business, building the most beautiful homes.  They graciously supplied us with some photos of their amazing outdoor rooms.  Head over to their Facebook page or Instagram page and give them a like!!

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