Mini Blog Series:  Part 5 Finish Strong!

Our top 5 tips when designing your outdoor room.



We have made it to the last lesson in our mini series!  You are so close to having your dream outdoor room turned into reality. 

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The final countdown

The final step to creating your dream outdoor room is to add in all the indoor luxuries.  Your outdoor room is an extension of your indoors and these finishing touches turn a patio with furniture into a attractive and comfortable outdoor living room.

Think about it for a minute: you wouldn't style a home for sale without making it feel homely. Same as your patio won't feel homely or comfortable without some added personality and luxurious items.


Luxury is in the detail

Don't worry - I am not talking luxury as in hundred dollar scatter cushions, crystal glassware and a thousand dollar rug.  Luxury, as in the things that you have in your indoors that make a room feel cozy.

Think along the lines of:

  • rugs
  • cushions
  • décor
  • throws
  • drink glasses
  • side tables
  • coffee tables
  • BBQ / outdoor kitchen facilities
  • plants and foliage
  • wall art
  • lights / lamps
  • music


Dreams into reality

The best room in the house, isn't in the house!

Am I right?  If you have finished our 5 day mini series for designing your dream outdoor room, and followed along with our homework, you will be seeing that I am in fact, correct!

I would love to see your outdoor living room makeover.  

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Thanks for coming along for the ride!



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