Mini Blog Series:  Part 1 From dreams to plans!

Our top 5 tips when designing your outdoor room.




Your outdoor area is one of the most over-looked but essential areas of a home.  It generally gets left to last during a home renovation, makeover or simply moving in.  Many of our clients admit to feeling like the outdoor area gets put in the 'too hard basket', purely because they want it to be just right but do not know where to start.  This is why we have written our 5 part series, taking you from dreaming to having the best outdoor room imaginable!

Grab a drink and let's dive right in, with our tips for turning your dreams into a plan with easy actionable steps!


What to do with your ideas.

An essential step in any makeover or renovation is to discover the thoughts and ideas that make up your dream room.

With your dream room at the forefront of your mind, make a list of all the ideas you would like to incorporate.  A list (or a mood board) can be in the form of a Pinterest board, saved images on your phone, or real samples you have collected.


Thinking about your lifestyle.

Think within your lifestyle and decide how the room will be used.  Will there be family members of all ages?  Young children, teenagers or grandparents for example.

Do you see yourself becoming a weekend party person? Entertaining your extended family or cheering on your favourite sports team with a bunch of mates?

Or do you dream of a more intimate area where relaxation is at the top of your list?

ASK YOURSELF:  What do you want that you don't have now?

You might have a theme in mind - resort living,  luxurious,  Bali,  beach house,  modern,  or traditional for some examples.  Research what parts of these styles you want to introduce and add it to your mood board.


Zones are an important element in any multifunctional room.

They divide up the area and help to distinguish the different living areas. 

With your visual mood board done,  now is the time to decide what zones you want or need.  

Here are some starting points that you should consider before making the decision: (we go into more detail in part 2)

Are you after a relaxed adult area with accessible spots to put your drinks and snacks?

Do you need an entertaining area with plenty of room for laughs and conversation around the dining table? 

Do you want an outdoor kitchen or an area that can be used to hold indoor luxuries without going inside all the time?  For example, small fridge or cooler, outdoor cupboard to hold drink glasses, cutlery, napkins etc.

Do your children or pets need a zone that they can call their own?


A goal is a dream with a plan! 

So get started,  decide on your desired outcome and make your plan with small actionable steps.  Actionable steps are the only way that plans become your reality. Think about that for a minute.  There are always small steps that lead to a finished goal, whether you are conscious of it or not.  If we try to jump in and achieve our dream outdoor room without making a plan and simple steps, we will make a mess, become overwhelmed or not reach our goal at all.

Here are some ideas to think about when adding to your list:

  • create a mood board of things you like
  • write down how you plan on using your space (lifestyle)
  • what zones do you want to have
  • does any painting need to be done
  • refinish or clean up the flooring
  • fix any lighting
  • measure the space and work out the placement of zones
  • research furniture styles
  • shop for furniture
  • shop for accessories
  • bring it all together for the big reveal


Your homework

Now go ahead and make your own mood board & plan and let's turn your dream into reality!!


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