Makeover with Marissa - January

Hello hello 

I'm Marissa and I'm new to the Lume team. One of my projects this year will be this monthly blog feature - Makeover with Marissa.  This monthly feature will showcase one of the gorgeous settings you will find at Lume, and some ideas on how to decorate and style it.  I am passionately creative and love to try my hand at some Stop Motion technology so keep your eyes out for the links to our new You Tube channel.

For this months makeover, I have chosen the gorgeous Florence corner lounge!

The corner lounge is paired with a high coffee table / low dining table with the matching wicker and smooth teak top.  Here it is below with no styling.

florence corner lounge no styling lume outdoor living


The grey wicker that is made of resin (polyethylene) requires no maintenance, (unlike real cane) and will look great for years to come.  The lounge is quite big so for the styling I really wanted to accentuate the length of each side.  

By placing the throw pillows at each end and also in the corner, it really brings the whole lounge together, showing you that there is plenty of room for family and friends.

The first style I chose for my makeover is the animal/jungle/leaf theme.  You can see how the mixture of patterns, prints and textures all work together to create a unified style.  I added the large vases to the table as the Florence is quite a high backed lounge and any smaller I think they would have been lost.  The Zebra I had to add because he is just too cute, and also brings the stripe out in the black and cream cushion on the far right.

florence corner lounge jungle theme lume outdoor living


 For the second makeover, I went with my all time favourite - Summer brights.

The bright orange scatter cushions and yellow flowers and serving dish were important to bring out the happiness and comfort I feel in Summer. By adding the softer orange leaf cushions and the two-tone placemat, I feel like it would suit many homes without being too LOUD!  I really love the mixture of patterns, as you can see the two vases are different but they really draw in the softer orange leaf cushions that have the black and grey on them too. 

 florence corner lounge summer brights lume outdoor living


 For my final makeover of the Florence corner lounge, I really wanted to use the little Hippo figurines. You know when you have something in your house that you just LOVE, but you aren't sure how to incorporate it into your home and so leave it sitting in a cupboard?  Well, that happens to me sometimes and when I saw these Hippos I knew I had to use them.

I worked with the faux concrete look of these cute animals, and decided to go with a muted brown / traditional style.  I love how the two tones of the scatter cushions blend well together and also make the vase on the table pop. I added a natural woven placemat to bring together the soft honey tones on the teak and the muted browns of the cushions.  

 florence corner lounge muted browns lume outdoor living


The team have also created a YouTube channel where all of our videos will go so that you can easily find them.  

YouTube Makeover Video

I created a cool video showing the process of my makeover.  I'd love you to check it out and comment on the video what you think. 

Till next month, bye.

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