Get Craftin' with packaging materials

If you have had any furniture delivered lately, you might be wondering what you could do with the packaging rather than just throwing it away.

We have found some great ideas online and thought we would share them with you!



You could make any animal you want.  Simply paint the bubble wrap on the raised side, and then push some paper down on top.  Draw your animal, cut it out and decorate it with googly eyes.

To make a snake, follow the above onto a paper plate and then cut the snake out in a spiral pattern.  Other ideas are turtle shells, sheep, birds.

tippytoes fish craft

Bubble wrap fish craft from TippyToes


Stomp Painting is so much fun for kids and adults alike.  Wrap bubble wrap around like a sock and tape it on.  Step into some paint and go for a walk down a length of paper (or opened up cardboard box).

 stomp painting messforless

 Stomp painting from Messforless



 For the smaller boxes, make a golf target.  Cut some holes whatever shape you want in the sides of the boxes, at ground level, add some paint or washi tape around the openings and off you go!  You could even use coloured balls if you want to make it trickier.  Add some points above each hole to keep score!

good housekeeping box golf

Cardboard box golf from goodhousekeeping


For medium to large boxes, make yourself a box town!  Cut out some tunnel entrances, add some roads with paint or crayons - up over and around.   Join your own train tracks and have them go through the tunnels for added fun!

box town

Box town from iheartartsandcraft


For the large boxes, make them into a cubby house or airplane.  Cut off the top and make a sailing boat.  Or just give it to the kids and let them use their imaginations. 

happy moments 365 box house

happy moments 365 box house