Savannah Cantilever Umbrella square 330cm


Elevate your outdoor living experience to a whole new level with the Savannah Cantilever Umbrella! This innovative, square umbrella features a drop-down bracket for LED light attachment, fade-resistant Sunbrella acrylic fabric, an impressive oval section mast, and a 360-degree rotate with foot lock. Plus, it comes with a protective cover for ultimate convenience. Talk about one cool cabana!


On ground base plate (included) for securing directly to a concrete slab

Ballast block frame (included) minimum base weight required = 110kgs

Extra large wheeled resin base (optional purchase).  Wheels extend or retract to make moving easy. Blue metal and sand mixture needs to be added equal to 145kg.

  • The Savannah umbrella features a number of design innovations, including a drop down bracket on the umbrella hub for LED light attachment.
  • Most importantly, Savannah is covered in O'bravia solution dyed canvas - a fabric that has legendary fade resistant properties, exceeded only by Sunbrella Acrylic.
  • Savannah has an impressive oval mast and a 360 degree rotate with foot lock, press button tilt, crank winder opening and 3 base options.
  • The Savannah Umbrella has been manufactured by Australia's most trusted brand in shade. Shelta Australia offer shade solutions which will make your outdoor space both beautiful and comfortable, and will last for years in the harsh Australian climate. 

The Savannah Umbrella is part of our premium cantilever umbrella range. Cantilever umbrellas offer a greater amount of shade in comparison with normal umbrellas as the pole is attached to the side of the canopy rather than the middle.  This umbrella can rotate 360°.

Dimensions (cm):

Canopy (rib to rib) 330

Mast height 275

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