Outdoor living through Brisbane’s Winter

Outdoor living through Brisbane’s Winter – our top tips

It’s time to Winter-proof your outdoor living area, and I’m going to give you our top tips for making that happen on a budget.

Some of you might already have these pieces in your outdoor area for year-round comfort, but if you don’t, adding them now can really help keep your patio warm and cosy during the cooler months.

An outdoor rug is an absolute must!

A rug underfoot will keep the area warmer, which  will have you sitting on your outdoor lounge for a much longer period of time, without feeling the chill rising up from your flooring.

We stock rugs that are made specifically for the outdoors and they are constructed with either recycled plastic straws, or polypropylene.

Other benefits of a rug in your outdoor living room are:

  • a rug will add texture and colour to your furniture
  • a rug helps to tie elements of decor, furniture + house colours together
  • a rug will help to distinguish your living zones; ie: a rug under the kids area, a rug under your lounge, maybe even a rug under your dining table

gorgeous green leaf rug underneath glenview lounge lume outdoor living

Link to Glenview lounge

Add some scatter cushions

Your outdoor living room can (and should be) as beautiful and inviting as any room inside the house.  It really is as simple as adding a selection of scatter cushions to your existing furniture.  I am sure that you will find something to compliment your patio with so many colours, patterns, styles and fabric textures available in store.

Winter styling usually calls for warm colours like browns, deep reds and purples. But honestly – it’s your home – your choice.  Choose a couple of cushions that compliment each other, either with the colours or theme and go from there.

The cushions give your furniture the added texture and softness to feel beautiful and relaxing and warm. While there are indoor cushions in the market that are cheaper than an outdoor cushions, I would not recommend it. With outdoor living comes exposure to the elements and moisture.

A proper outdoor scatter cushion, or throw pillow as they are sometimes called, are made from quality outdoor fabrics that are waterproof or water repellent and don’t absorb moisture from the air.  In our Queensland climate, the humidity can cause mould and mildew to grow on fabrics and look unsightly and cause illness. 

Purchasing fade resistant outdoor cushions is also important.  The suns rays are damaging, and you don’t want to be buying more cushions again next year after the sun has faded all the colours in your cushions.  Help your bank balance and our landfill by purchasing outdoor scatter cushions for your outdoor living room.

A premium outdoor cushion will have premium filling, which will help the cushion to keep its shape and won’t distort or bulge after you lean on or lay down on it.  Who wants that uncomfortable ending!

lombok lounge with scatter cushions lume outdoor living

Link to Lombok lounge

Cover up with a warm blanket

There is no better way to enjoy a warm drink outside than to be rugged up underneath a warm blanket. I wouldn’t recommend leaving the blanket outside every day, but keep it close and handy for the moments you want to slip outside and enjoy some fresh air.

Find a texture you like the feel of and the colour that makes you happy and you are set!

rug on couch for warmth and comfort

Link to the lounge

Lighting matters

Winter calls for lanterns and lamps in your outdoor area. If you don’t have power points than go for a classic lantern with either a real candle or an LED one like these ones that we sell in store.

battery operated candle in lantern on coffee table

The big items

This list was going to contain all things you can do on a budget, and the items above are just that.

But if you don’t have anywhere to snuggle up and feel warm, then a big ticket item might be what you are looking for. Even a small balcony or patio should have at least one chair that lends itself to the warm, cosy feeling you are after!

If you want to have a look at a bigger lounge, click here to head to our collection.

Lounge Collection

But if you can’t fit an entire lounge, check out one of these options.

Castaway chair and ottoman (now sold out)

The Castaway 2 piece set includes a comfortable 120cm round lounge chair and a side table.

Made from HDPE wicker and a teak table top, this set is sure to keep you comfy and warm outdoors for longer!

castaway 2 piece lounge brisbane lume outdoor living


Sunset Pod

The Sunset Pod is a stand alone, comfort piece that suits one or 2 people (depending on how cosy you want to get). It features the characteristic feature of ‘wick-rope’, which for those of you playing at home is a wicker product, that is woven to look like rope.

The curve and tapered sides of the back of the Pod really evoke feelings of calm and relaxation and the comfy back and side cushions are amazing. Grab your tablet to play your favourite tv series, a warm drink, and a blanket and settle into the Pod for ultimate you-time.

sunset pod


Folio Rocking Chair

The rocking chair, ideal for outdoor use, has an enveloping back seamlessly connected to the generously lowered seat: a single, refined structural embrace, reclining to two comfortable positions.

The base consists of two curved polypropylene glides that can be attached to the chair, instead of feet, to obtain the enchanting swinging movement of rocking chairs.

folio rocking chair brisbane


Logan Chair & Footstool (now sold out)

Relax, chill out & unwind on the super comfy Logan lounge chair & footstool.

From the deck to poolside, garden and even inside, the Logan lounge chair can be used around the house to create a haven to relax and unwind.

Combining a powder-coated steel and aluminium frame with a natural coloured faux wicker, and black olefin cushions to make this super comfy lounge chair one of our unique, designer pieces.

With a neutral colour palate, the Logan is ready to be styled to suit your home.

logan chair and ottoman

An Egg Chair

Egg chairs have been popular for the last few years, and when they are as stylish and comfortable as ours I can see why.

new moon egg chair


Don’t see what you like?  Click here to view the whole range. 

Hopefully you can get your outdoor living room ready for Winter so that you can continue using that bit of prime real estate!

Click here to send us a message if you have any questions or feedback.

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