Trends of Summer 2021

The weather is warming up and Spring has only just begun!  

We have been excitedly redecorating the store with all our new products and we thought it might be a good idea to let all of you know what will be trending this Summer.

Blush tones 

Blush is the hot new colour for this season and it is gorgeous, especially when paired with other natural tones such as rust, and forest greens.

 blush trends

[ Blush decor collection ]


Artisan homewares 

Decorative items that are made by hand (or appear to be) by skilled people are a growing demand that sees the trends through sustainability, ethical consumption, small batch production, and looking for unique, expressive pieces to incorporate in their homes.

 artisan style boats

[ Artisan boats ]


Natural and warm colours

Both furniture and homewares are seeing a huge increase in natural and warm tones.  From the earthy tones of wicker (rattan) to the warm tones of accent pieces, this is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular.

Earthy tones in both furniture and homewares are being paired with whites and blacks and varying tones of grey.  The contrast between the earthy and natural materials and the stark blacks and whites is a very modern touch to a traditional colourway.

 artemis lounge

[ Artemis lounge close up]

 plant stands

[ Plant Stands ]


Black & whites

Our final trend of Summer 2021 is the black and white colours that are making appearances on cushions, homewares and furniture.  Sometimes featuring together in a modern palette, and sometimes on their own with other colours woven in together.

 rattan black mirror

[ Black rattan mirror ]


We hope you have enjoyed this little article and hope to see you in store soon.


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