Teak Outdoor Furniture

You want low maintenance outdoor furniture, right?

You want to be able to set and forget, and enjoy life with your family, right?

Have you considered teak outdoor furniture?

1. Teak has been used in boats, jettys, houses, and furniture for a long time. 🏚

2. You can maintain your teak once every 2 years, to keep it looking honey toned and fresh. There are easy to apply applications. 

3. Or you can let it age naturally and gracefully into the silver-grey patina that will happen naturally when exposed to the elements. No maintenance required to achieve this look.🔆

4. Teak is a very forgiving timber. You won't need to be concerned when your kids are using the furniture for craft or rowdy friends come to visit 😉

5. Reclaimed teak furniture, acquired from old infrastructure and buildings, all have their own stories to tell. Each piece has natural elements throughout the timber such as knots, which lend itself to the beauty of the entire piece.♻️

Come and have a look today, we mix and match our tables and chairs so that you can create your ideal suite 👍

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