Outdoor Rugs 101


As quickly as Winter has arrived, so have our new season outdoor rugs!

We thought now was the perfect opportunity to do a journal article and fill you in on all the details. 

fab rug


How does a rug benefit an outdoor living area?

Outdoor living rooms should be treated as an extension of your indoor living area, not just an area outside that deserves no lovin'!

One huge benefit of a rug outdoors is shown perfectly in Winter - and that is - a rug underfoot will keep the area warmer, which means that you can easily sit on your outdoor lounge for a much longer period of time, without feeling the chill rising up from your flooring.

Other benefits of a rug in your outdoor living room are:

  • a rug will add texture and colour to your furniture
  • a rug helps to tie elements of decor, furniture + house colours together
  • a rug will help to distinguish your living zones; ie: a rug under the kids area, a rug under your lounge, maybe even a rug under your dining table

 cancun midnight rug


Why choose an outdoor rug for your patio?

When choosing a rug for outdoors, it is really important to find one that is made specifically for outdoors. They are purpose built for the conditions that we experience in Australia: heat, rain, sun, constant traffic.

Outdoor rugs can be made of many different materials, such as:

  • recycled plastic
  • polypropylene 
  • flat-woven wool
  • non-shed, looped nylon
  • and more

Outdoor rugs do not have a non-slip backing, making them much more resilient to the outdoors.  The sun will deteriorate the non-slip backing and can make it stick to your floor.

Outdoor rugs are also really easy to clean and keep looking great.

With so many colours and patterns to choose from, we are sure that you will find one to suit!

 italex textured cream and grey

Can I use outdoor rugs inside?

 YES!!  Of course, outdoor rugs can feel different to your traditional indoor rug.

They are just as suited to your indoors too.  Think lounge rooms, dining rooms, kids play areas, recreation rooms!!  I personally, only use outdoor rugs in my house because I have young children and the convenience of being able to take them outside and hose them down if necessary was a big selling point for me!

italex grey rug 

How do you keep an outdoor rug clean?

 This is probably the most frequent question we get asked about our rugs, and the answer is vacuum, sweep or hose them down.

The quickest way with recycled plastic rugs, is to sweep or vacuum the rug first, then pick up the rug and sweep the floor underneath.  The recycled plastic rugs let the dirt, sand and water through so they can be moved and then clean the floor.

Many of the other outdoor materials will keep the dirt + sand above the rug, which can be easily vacuumed up. Hang the rug up on a railing or fence and hose it down or let it drip dry.

 h&g rug

What sizes do outdoor rugs come in?

 The most popular size we sell is 160x230cm.

Other sizes available are:

  • 200 x 290cm
  • 240 x 340cm
  • 130 x 180cm
  • 60 x 110cm
  • 80 x 150cm
  • 120 x 179cm
  • 150 x 238cm
  • 180cm round
  • 180 x 270cm
  • 240 x 300cm
  • 270 x 270cm
  • 90 x 180cm
  • 270 x 360cm

As you can see, there is many to choose from.  Each brand has their own particular sizes and styles.

h&g cream

Send us a message, give us a call or chat, or pop in to our showroom to see more styles.