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Nardi's commitment to environmental sustainability

Working to make processes increasingly sustainable is an integral part of the Nardi philosophy and of its investments.  In this regard, various initiatives are underway and constantly evolving.  Every year, a large percentage of investments is allocated to updating all production sites in terms of sustainability.

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Raw Materials

100% recyclable resin

Nardi is specialized in designing and producing high-quality designer furniture in resin for outdoor use in the residential and hospitality sectors.  All its products, designed for people's well-being and relaxation, are the result of a production chain that is entirely "Made in Italy" and eco-friendly.  All products, made of 100% recyclable polypropylene, have a very long life cycle. Our polypropylene is in a pyre form and free from other materials.  This particular feature allows it to be separated according it its colour and then re-processed during the recovery stage, making our furniture totally recyclable.

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Oeko-Tex standard 100

All synthetic fabrics used by Nardi are certified according to Oeko-Tex standard 100, which confirms that the manufacturer of the fabrics is certified as eco-friendly in terms of processes and production.  It also testifies to the absence of harmful substances in the production process.

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Production facilities with low environmental impact

All Nardi products are entirely made in Chiampo (VI), where the company has its headquarters, at 3 production sites.  The most recent site, inaugurated in 2017, was designed using state-of-the-art technologies in terms of the company's systems and the environment.  The production plant has hybrid injection moulding machines with high energy savings and a cooling system that uses external air.  Hence, in the colder seasons they can be cooled without using water and consuming very little electricity.  Most of the electricity is largely generated by a photovoltaic panel system.  The water used in these production plants is not contaminated, and no harmful gasses or fumes are released into the atmosphere.

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Continuous production cycle

At Nardi, continuous cycle production is used in order to minimise waste due to machine downtime.

Zero waste

Swarf and scrap from the processing of polypropylene are fed back into the production cycle by means of a process that grinds them.  In addition, large cutting-edge silos are used for storing virgin polypropylene and allow zero waste during the transition between the various stages.

nardi regeneration

The Regeneration industrial programme

In 2019, the company launched the Regeneration industrial program to make products from recycled plastic which, in turn, can also be recycled.  These include Sipario, the modular outdoor partition, which received the Green Good Design Award in 2021, a prestigious international award that recognises important examples of sustainable design.

Regeneration is much more than a simple line of recycled plastic products. It allows us to experiment with solutions that can be applied on a large scale to the entire production cycle and involves all steps, from the concept creation of individual furniture items to their packaging. For further information on this, click here:  Nardi regeneration

Life Cycle Assessment

Nardi's focus on making products whit high added value that are sustainable for the environment can also be seen in the company's commitment to gradually put into place actions to improve its environmental performance thanks to LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) carried out on the latest furniture collections presented.  The following products have undergone this analysis: Komodo 5, Sipario 2 and Trill Armchair.  The latter is also in the process of obtaining EPD (Environmental Product Certification).  For further details on this, click here: Nardi Sustainability  

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Cardboard packaging & LDPE

All cardboard boxes for packaging contain about 75% recycled fibres and use corn starch as an adhesive.  LDPE caps/bags are also made of post-industrial materials.  For the packaging of finished products, Nardi has compiled a list of all packaging to make it easier for end consumers to dispose of it correctly.  For further details on packaging, click here:  Nardi Packaging

PRS pallets

Nardi has developed a partnership with PRS Return System, a company dealing with the logistics of used pallets for transporting polymers. The agreement allows the company to collect and feed used pallets back into the production/logistics cycle, in a sufficient quantity so as to receive the PRS Green Label every year in recognition of the work carried out to protect the environment. 

Green Dot Eco Certificate

Nardi is a member of Der Grüne Punkt, an internationally protected trademark and the first system in the world for recycling packaging and its use in line with a circular economy.  Our participation in this packaging recycling system is confirmed on an annual basis by the Green Dot Eco Certificate, which provides scientific proof of our contribution to protecting the environment.  The Green Dot Eco Certificate calculates savings in terms of CO2, the greenhouse effect and fossil resources based on the volume of packaging handled and recycled.


The Nardi S.p.A. supply chain complies with Regulation (EC) No, 1907/2006 (REACH)

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