Makeover with Marissa - April

Hello hello 

I'm Marissa and I'm back for the second edition of Makeover!

This will be my second last Makeover video project as I am moving on from the Lume team to work alongside my partner doing amazing things.  

This monthly feature will showcase one of the gorgeous settings you will find at Lume, and some ideas on how to decorate and style it.  I am passionately creative and love to try my hand at some Stop Motion technology so check out our YouTube videos here.

For this months makeover, I have chosen the stunning Caldena Lounge!

The Caldena lounge is made using a beautiful reclaimed teak timber.  Here it is below with no styling.

caldena no styling


The teak does require a bit of maintenance if you want to keep it looking so honey golden.  BUT it is super simple, and only needs to be re-done every 12-24 months, depending on how much weather it gets.  Fore more information on maintenance, check out the blog post here.  The lounge is absolutely gorgeous so I had a lot of fun styling it.  

The first style I chose for my makeover is a black and grey theme, making it a bit more fancy with the addition of the cool vases on the table.  I love the muted tones on the scatter cushions, but the images and patterns really draw me into this one!

caldena styling 1


For the second makeover, I went with an island feel.

The deep navy blue scatter cushions, the boat and the jugs were important to bring out the deserted island feel.   By adding the more neutral beige cushions with ruffled edges I think this theme would suit many lounges as it is simple but also fun.   

 caldena styling 2


This might just be my all time favourite - although I tend to think that about each one!  The green palm trees are so peaceful, and take me away to a more simpler, relaxing time.  I have used the same ruffled cushions from the one above, as they pair perfectly.  The vases are super cute and bring in a couple more colours to suit the brickwork in some homes.


 caldena styling 3

 The next one is botanical!  And I love this one even more!  (haha I told you that they are all my favourites).

The blush pink that features in the cushions and serving tray brings out a gorgeous rainforest kind of vibe, am I right?

caldena styling 4

The team have created a YouTube channel where all of our videos will go so that you can easily find them.  So click below to check out my Stop Motion video showcasing the Caldena, you might even spot a sneaky owl in there.

YouTube Makeover Video

I'd love you to check it out and comment on the video what you think. 

Till next month, bye.