Everything you need to know about staging your front porch and entry.

When selling your house, you really want to make a great first impression that engages the senses of a potential buyer.

Your front porch and entry

is the first thing that will draw a potential buyer in. Spending time and money in this area will be money and time well spent!! The front area says a lot about the house and the way the house is used by the family that lived there.

Follow our tips below to ensure that your front porch or entry inspires!

Repair and repaint

Before attempting to stage your front porch or entry - consider repairing and repainting any wood, glass, stone or paint that is not up to standards. Check that door bells and your outdoor lighting is working. Ensure that your door looks great – no chipped paint or marks.

front porch styling image pinterest  Image: Pinterest

House Numbers

Ensure that your house numbers are in good condition and are clearly visible from the street. An obvious and attractive display makes for the best impression.  Shop around and get creative in this area to really make a standout impression. 

a beautiful mess diy house number 

Image:  A Beautiful Mess - click image for blog article on the DIY house numbers


Attract the buyer’s imagination by placing furniture in your front porch or entry to allow the potential buyer to imagine themselves living there and using the area. Even if it is a small front area, make the most of the room you have and add a small bench or chair. Larger areas you would want to include an area to have a cup of tea with a friend, or to watch the kids or pets running around the front yard.

 front porch styling


Decorate your front porch or entry way. Add in some scatter cushions (less is more) onto the chairs and grab a new welcome mat for the front door.  If you have room, hang some attractive wall art on a wall.  Stick with your colour scheme and bring some emotion into the area.  

venice wicker chair 

Flowers and foliage

A must when staging the front area is potted plants. Artificial flowers and plants are always my first choice.  They require no up-keep and look fantastic for years!  Of course, your house won’t be on the market this long, but it’s nice to have one less task off your plate when you are a busy modern family. 

Flowers and greenery always make people smile.  It can turn an ordinary area into a homely, lived in and loved room.  If you do wish to use real plants, use plants that require minimal up-keep and will last for months.

ronnie and georgia the block 2017

Photo credit:  Channel nine - The Block 2017 Ronnie & Georgia


There you have it!  Staging your front porch and entry is the first step to creating the vibe that you wish your house to convey to potential buyers. 

Good Luck!  

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