Sure Seal Fabric Protection (Grout & Tile Sealer)



 Multi purpose sealer for use on all types of fabrics including synthetic, wool, carpet and rugs, natural stone, concrete and grout.

 Penetrates into the fibers of the fabric and creates an invisible barrier against water and oil based stains. Will not affect the colour or texture, and allows the fabric to breathe.

 Application Instructions:

All surfaces must be clean and free from debris. Hold nozzle 20cm away from surface and spray evenly in a slow sweeping motion. Overspray will not harm aluminium, timber or wicker. Allow to cure for 24 hours. One coat will usually be sufficient.

 To clean treated areas simply use water and mild detergent or Sure Seal Rug Carpet and Textile Stain Remover. Do not use harsh cleaning agents. Apply every 5 years or after 3 steam cleans.


Sure Seal's grout and tiler sealer comes in a 300gm Aerosol spray.

  • used to waterproof fabrics
  • used to waterproof tiles, concrete, stone and grout
  • Australian made
  • Helps prevent permanent staining
  • Blocks moisture penetration that causes mildew

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