Palazzo Centre Post Umbrella by Shelta


Size: 4m square

The commercial grade Palazzo umbrellas cater for those wanting a large amount of shade.

What we love

It is perfect for home and semi-commercial projects. 

With a telescopic frame, the umbrella top raises when closing so there is no need to move tables, and lowers on opening to reduce height.

Easy to use crank opening, a Sunbrella canopy and a bonus polyester protective cover.

Choice of 3 colours: black, platinum or white.


On concrete "bolt down" base (included)

Inground base (optional purchase $259)

 Palazzo Dimensions 400 Square
Canopy (cm)                A 400
Mast height                 B 303
Clearance                    C 234
Mast height when closed 378
Rib to ground when closed 86.5
Area of shade (m²) 16
Mast 71mm round
Opening Winder handle
Tilt N/A


sq umb  oct umb b c image

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