Maxwax Liquid Gold 250mls


Maxwax is an ideal solution for many different applications.  It is an all-in-one cleaner, protector & polish.  Mainly used on wood, plastic, metal & granite.

A unique blend of food grade waxes taken up in a milk, deodorised organic carrier.  The formulation is specifically designed to penetrate porous surfaces (such as wood), whilst leaving a thing wax film on the surface.  

This not only nourishes the wood like an oil, but can be buffed up to a healthy sheen. Being a very hard formulation, Maxwax will not collect dust or leave finger marks as other softer and more sticky waxes can.

Maxwax Uses:

  • As a furniture polish for all wooden (natural, oiled or lacquered) articles.
  • Hides scratches on wooden and lacquered surfaces.
  • As a protective coating for exterior furniture.
  • On raw wood to develop natural grain and colour.
  • On your BBQ to remove fat splatter and leave non-cook surfaces clean and bright.
  • For granite, stone and terrazzo surfaces.
  • For leather bags, shoes, briefcases, jackets, saddles, etc 
  • For hard surface car interiors (doesn't collect dust like silicones).
  • Most plastics; radios, stereos, TV's etc.
  • Revives powder coated window frames that have "dulled".
  • As a metal coating to prevent tarnish of copper, brasses, silver and iron.
  • As a coating to revive and protect tool surfaces (saw blades etc).
  • On "Satin" finish Stainless Steel to clean off and resist further finger marking!
  • To remove sticky labels from bottles.
  • As a lubricant for drawers that "grab".
  • As a gift for someone you really care for!

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