Pet-Friendly Outdoor Furniture Solutions

Creating a pet-friendly outdoor space is essential for homeowners who want to enjoy their garden alongside their furry friends. This blog will dive into innovative and practical solutions for incorporating pet-friendly outdoor furniture, ensuring that your outdoor environment caters not just to human comfort but also to the needs of your pets.

Designing With Pets in Mind

Durable Materials

When selecting outdoor furniture, consider materials that can withstand a bit of rough handling. Metals like aluminium are excellent as they're resistant to scratches and easy to clean. For a softer touch, opt for outdoor fabrics designed to resist moisture, mould, and pet hair, which can also be easily vacuumed or wiped down.

Built-In Pet Comfort

Consider furniture that includes built-in features for pets. Some innovative designs incorporate pet beds into the base of lounge chairs or sofas, providing a snug spot for your pet to rest while you relax nearby. These integrated solutions keep pets close without sacrificing style or comfort.

Shade and Shelter

Just like humans, pets need protection from the harsh sun and occasional rain showers. Ensure your outdoor space includes shaded areas, possibly through canopy beds or loungers with overhead covers that provide a comfortable retreat for pets in all weather conditions.

Pet-Safe Plant Choices

When planning the landscaping around your pet-friendly furniture, choose plants that are non-toxic to animals. Avoid flowers and shrubs like lilies or sago palms, which can be harmful to pets. Instead, opt for pet-safe options like catnip, which is enjoyable for cats, or snapdragons, which add colour without danger.

Easy-Clean Solutions

Washable Covers

Opt for furniture with removable and washable covers. This feature is invaluable, allowing you to easily throw covers in the wash after a muddy play session or when pet hair builds up.

Smooth Surfaces

Furniture with smooth surfaces can make cleaning simpler. Tables and chairs without intricate designs prevent pet hair and dirt from becoming trapped, making your cleaning routine quicker and more effective.

Raised Beds

Consider elevated pet beds to keep your furry friends comfortable and off the ground. These beds can enhance air circulation, keeping pets cool in summer, and they're also easier to clean around than traditional pet beds that sit directly on the floor.

Playful Additions

Interactive Furniture

Some outdoor furniture pieces come with added features like scratching posts for cats integrated into the table sides or low platforms that can serve as a perch for smaller dogs. These additions help keep pets entertained and active.

Safety First

Ensure all furniture is stable and robust enough to handle the exuberant play of larger pets. Avoid sharp corners and glass tabletops where boisterous play might lead to accidents.


Your outdoor space should be a haven for all members of the family, including the four-legged ones. With the right pet-friendly outdoor furniture solutions, you can create an environment that is welcoming and accommodating for everyone. At Lume Outdoor Living, we understand the importance of a pet-friendly garden.

Feel free to visit our Brisbane showroom to explore a range of pet-friendly outdoor furniture options. Let us help you select the perfect pieces to ensure your outdoor space is as welcoming to your pets as it is to your human guests. Let your creativity and love for your pets guide you to create a truly inclusive outdoor retreat.

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