Home Organisation and Space Management Tips from Lume Outdoor Living


At Lume Outdoor Living, we understand that creating a harmonious and functional living environment extends beyond choosing the right furniture—it's about effective space management and thoughtful organisation. Whether you're furnishing a cosy indoor area or an expansive outdoor setting, our expert tips will help you make the most of your space. Read on for our top advice on how to transform your living areas into beautifully organised and efficiently used spaces.

Assessing Your Space

Understand Your Needs

Begin by assessing your lifestyle and what you require from your living spaces. Do you need more areas for work or perhaps a place for the kids to play? Understanding your needs will guide your organisation and furniture choices.

Evaluate the Space

Measure your rooms and note any fixed elements such as windows, doors, and structural columns. This will help you understand what furniture can fit and how to maximise your layout without cluttering the space.

Remove Old or Unwanted Furniture

Out with the old, in with the new! Be sure to get old furniture removed so that you can maximise your new space.

Maximising Small Spaces

Multi-functional Furniture

Choose furniture that can serve multiple purposes. For instance, ottomans with storage, sofa beds, or benches that open up to reveal storage space are ideal for small apartments or rooms.

Vertical Solutions

Utilise vertical space with tall shelving units, hooks, and hanging baskets. This is particularly effective in areas like the kitchen or a small office where floor space is limited.

Enhancing Large Spaces

Zone Your Areas

In larger spaces, define different areas or 'zones' for specific activities. This can be achieved with the strategic placement of furniture, area rugs, and room dividers.

Statement Pieces

Opt for larger furniture items or statement pieces that anchor the room. Large coffee tables, outdoor dining sets, or a bold armchair can define a space while adding style and functionality.

Outdoor Spaces

Functional Layouts

Consider the flow of movement around your outdoor space. Place dining sets near the kitchen for ease during meals, and create a lounging area with comfortable seating for relaxation.

Weather-Proof Solutions

Invest in high-quality, weather-proof furniture that will stand the test of time and fluctuating weather conditions. Lume Outdoor Furniture offers a range of durable and stylish options that can enhance any outdoor area.

Maintaining Organisation

Regular Reviews

Every few months, reassess how your space is being used. This regular review allows you to tweak small details that can make a big difference in functionality and aesthetics.

Keep It Clutter-Free

Maintain a clutter-free environment by having a designated place for everything. Use decorative baskets and boxes to keep everyday items out of sight but within easy reach.


Effective home organisation and space management can transform your living areas into more pleasant and functional spaces. At Lume Outdoor Living, we pride ourselves on providing not only furniture that enhances your home but also practical advice for living better within it. Implementing these tips can help you create a more organised and welcoming environment, perfect for enjoying alone or with guests.

Embrace the change and make the most of your home with Lume Outdoor Living—where style meets functionality. For more inspiration and the latest in furniture design, visit our website or contact us directly. We’re here to help you live better, one space at a time.

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