Torquay height-and-width adjustable dining table - extension table white/wood-look


The Torquay offers impressive adjustability, able to extend from 140cm to 180cm in length and from coffee table height to dining height. A white frame, sporting a wood-look or concrete-look (pre order this one) ceramic tile top.

This Torquay table features a powder-coated aluminium frame with durable ceramic tiles, and its distinctive legs and impressive transformation potential will be sure to be the centre of attention during outdoor parties. It can be combined with lounge chairs, dining chairs, or both.

Astonish your visitors as you unfurl your expansive coffee table (L142 W86 H49) into an even larger coffee table (L184 W86 H49), or raise it into a dinner table for 4 (L142 W86 H73) or 6 (L184 W86 H73).

Dimensions (cm):

L142-184 W86 H49-73

Aluminium Care & Maintenance

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