Tango extension dining table - white outdoor extendable dining table


Let your outdoor space rock with the Tango Extension Table! This white extendable dining table is ideal for any occasion - romantic dinner, friends for dinner, and more. With the ability to mix-and-match chairs and get creative, you can make the perfect dining room in a jiffy!

  • The sleek contours of the mod cross-leg.
  • It'll snuggle up to 6 when tinier than usual and jumps to a party of 8 (or a tight 10) with the table's full potential!
  • The rust-resistant, aluminum frame for low-maintenance lovin'!
  • The cinch to stretch out and stow away the table!
  • Choose between two classic frame colors - white or charcoal - to perfectly coordinate with your patio's style.
  • The endless chair combos that pair oh-so-perfectly with the table.

Dimensions (cm):

L173-228 W100 H75

Aluminium Care & Maintenance

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