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Teak is widely regarded as the supreme timber for outdoor furniture. It will not rot or warp and its natural oils allow it to withstand the effects of the sun, rain, snow or frost, as well as making it impervious to insects.


The amount of care required for out teak products depends on the amount of exposure the timber has to the elements. Teak furniture can either be left to age naturally or you might prefer to maintain the honey brown tones.

If left to age naturally, teak will eventually turn a beautiful silver-grey colour. As time goes by, the silver grey tones will continue to darken, which gives the furniture a timeless look. Naturally weathered teak can be cleaned easily with a soft nylon bristle brush and mild detergent. (There are also products that can make this even easier - read about Golden Care here)


For furniture that is undercover:

  • wipe the teak down with a damp cloth to remove any teak dust
  • use a timber sealer spray to seal the teak - this will prevent watermarks from appearing (from spills, condensation or rain) 

For furniture that is in full weather:

To keep the natural honey tones for as long as possible without maintenance, follow these steps:

  • use Golden Care Cleaner to remove dust, grime, dirt, age or mould
  • use Golden Care Protector to waterproof the timber
  • use Golden Care Shield to apply a coating which keeps the honey colour for 1-2 years 

If you want the table to turn silver grey, you can use just the timber sealer to prevent watermarks.  If you don't mind watermarks, you do not have to do any maintenance on the teak.

The use of furniture covers during periods of time where you are not using the furniture will minimise any additional cleaning and extend the teaks life.

It is highly recommended to tighten all fittings every 6 months to prevent the frames from working loose and causing damage to the joins.  NOTE: new timber should be tightened 6 weeks after you get it home.


Before & after dining, or entertaining, we suggest to wipe the teak down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt that may have landed on the furniture. 


Mould spots - vinegar 7 parts to 3 parts water.  Or strong mixture of napisan.

Our aluminium furniture pieces are light weight and rust free. They are applied with a high quality powder coat finish making them more resistant to scratches and the weather.


Powder coated frames should be washed down with mild soapy water and rinsed thoroughly.  This is particularly important for coastal areas where prolonged exposure to salt air may lead to corrosion, causing the powder coating to bubble or peel.  Aluminium does not rust, so there is no need to rust proof.

Glass table tops

Although durable, it is important to remember that glass is not unbreakable. To clean glass, wash it down with mild soapy water.  Do not clean hoit glass, or place hot or cold items directly on the surface.


The majority of our aluminium chairs are made with a durable textilene mesh fabric. Textilene can withstand exposure to the elements, however it is suggested that they are washed down regularly with soapy water and a soft bristle brush. To avoid stains, remove spills promptly.

Our aluminium is made to a high standard, however to extend the life of your furniture, it is recommended that you use a good quality furniture cover if you have no roof.

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