Cantilever Easireach Umbrella Protective Cover

Delux: Small

Protect your cantilever (side post) umbrella from the weather with an Easireach Umbrella Protective Cover.

With a metal rod up the length of the cover, you simply hold the bottom of the cover, and flip it over the top of the umbrella and pull the zip down.  Easy!!

Easireach protective covers are available in delux O'bravia fabric.

Not sure which cover you need?  Give us a call and we can help you out!

Looking for a cover for your centre post umbrellaClick here.

Cantilever Easireach Cover

Small - to fit octagonal up to 3.3m

Large - to fit octagonal up to 4m, square up to 3.3m, rectangle 4x3m

Extra Large - to fit all Solarmax & Asta umbrellas

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